Murcia pharmacists had to have received the last 20 days the money for prescriptions Murciano Health System by the Ministry, but the money has not arrived.

The outrage from the business will grow as the days go by, "If we fail to reach agreement tomorrow, pharmacies will not be able to buy more expensive drugs, nor will we pay to the distributors. This is not a joke, "he said yesterday Carlos Fernandez, who owns a drugstore in La Manga (Murcia) to the Gazette. According to the pharmacist, so far, pharmacies are dispensing prescriptions, but the situation could change after tomorrow if no agreement is reached with Murciano Health System.

However, the journalist explains Murcia Fernando Abad, many pharmacies have confirmed off the record "that are limiting the number of drugs dispensed by prescription. These pharmacists are refusing to deliver drugs are very expensive and only makes two exceptions: they are prescriptions for the chronically ill treatment or the patient is a regular customer.

Rarely practical nurse or pharmacist dispensed recognize that the products because they have no guarantee of prompt payment by Murciano Health System, and in most cases used as an excuse to not have it in their store, but not given the opportunity to instruct the distributor to replace it.

The monthly drug spending in the Region of Murcia is around 30 million euros, divided by the 564 pharmacies in the community pharmacy creates an expense of 55,000 per month, an amount that professionals can not afford.

José María Llamas, owner of one of the establishments Santomera fears that this situation extends to other communities. "At the time, for example, a diabetic can not access their insulin because we do not have money to buy it you will be producing a total disaster that will affect all autonomy," he says, noting that this case occurred in Argentina during the famous pen.

The pharmacists in the region have scheduled a meeting tomorrow, when we celebrate the ultimatum they have given to the Ministry to provide them with answers and specific dates to start paying the debt.

From the Department ensure that we will reach an agreement to make payment, but not the way forward will be done. Yes sure it will not be by confirming (the financial transaction with which the Health Service of Murcia is paying bills to suppliers).

The spokesman for the College of Pharmacists, Fuensanta Martinez says the Gazette that they are not aware that pharmacies are leaving to extend recipes "for doing so, it would be rare cases."

The heavy debt incurred by this system have made the health of Murcia in Spain's second most sluggish, according to the latest report of the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology (Fenin).