For the first time in 28 years, the Board collects arrears of more than two months. The Government of María Dolores Cospedal (PP) announced the industry could not pay all the bills and giving them notice to move forward one fifth of the money (23 million). The rest will come in dribs and drabs through a reorganization plan. "I do not know when to charge and can not continue to fund the administration," said Dolores Espinosa, president of the regional employers Fefcam.

Pharmacists warn: if not paid, the rebound is emptied and customers were left without their medications. Castilla-La Mancha, which extend almost four million prescriptions a month, not a special case.

"This has never happened: Now [the authorities] tell you directly that they can not afford," said Fernando Redondo, national president of the employers Fefe, which covers 60% of the 21,800 Spanish pharmacies.

The situation, he says, is alarming, although it has not caused the shelves are empty (the shops have stocks for 15 days). The sector 975 million moves a month and fears that defaults encourage extending the model of Murcia.

On the eve of 22-M, the Executive Ramón Luis Valcárcel (PP) asked employers "effort" was going to accept credit and Cajamar Cajamurcia to collect bills. Pharmacists endorsed loans with properties of a debt of five months (200 million). The debt of Murcia, of 2,016 million, an increase of 51.4% this year.

Baleares President Jose Ramon Bauza (PP), a pharmacist, premiered by the protests of his colleagues. The 418 pharmacies in the islands drag a debt of 35.9 million (85,000 euros on average per office). As in the case of Castilla-La Mancha, the leader blames his predecessor socialist. "We can not go to banks because they do not trust" has been said Bauza. The president of the College of Pharmacists, Antoni Real, branded the situation "untenable."

Last year, shipments hung posters denouncing the defaults. The pressure paid off: Caja Madrid Bancofar and granted loans at zero interest. Now, the group will vote on what to do if no answer. Arise even close the offices.

The Government of La Rioja was the last to announce their pharmacies that charged for the last month. The president of the employers in this region has declined to respond to the country. Business sources admit that making statements in the press in the middle of negotiations can be counterproductive.