The General Assembly of the Spanish Pharmaceutical Business Federation (FEFE) Toledo on Saturday reiterated that the State must endorse the debt that the regions have with the pharmacy if they will not jeopardize public service and general interest as pharmaceutical services.

In attendance were representatives of the business in Spain that evaluated the crisis generated by the non-payment of drugs dispensed to patients. The pharmaceutical employers consider it essential to revise upward the health budget to avoid future crises like the one currently suffering in the Spanish pharmacy as a result of defaults. Pharmacists in the CCAA affected suffer a debt of more than 400 million euros for bills accumulated over this year.

Fernando Redondo, FEFE chairman said "to take measures and suffering only cuts the supply of the drug, while watching other items of expenditure on health, less transparent and unknown as hospital costs continue to grow exponentially." He added: "In Spain we have a Public Health with a major coverage, with an extensive portfolio of services, however, one of the lowest budgets in relation to GDP if we compare ourselves with countries in our environment."

Maria Dolores Espinosa, president of FEFE Castilla-La Mancha, said that "officers and managers of Public Health are moving their funding problems for the support of NHS pharmacists and patients, when in fact he has not fulfilled its obligations has been the Administration. " Maria Dolores Espinosa stressed that "the Health Service and the state as ultimately responsible for the maintenance of health benefits, are responsible to present viable solutions for pharmacists, with timetables and commitments that create security and confidence-recovery."

In addition, representatives of the business of the different ACs expressed concern about defaults and the need to take action. The Patient Advocate, Carmen Flores, invited pharmacists to fight and "do it with force," while urging them to inform patients of the pharmacy that "drugs can be without pay unless the administration ".

The Assembly endorsed the proposals approved by the Board on 7 September, among which are: to encourage the Colleges of Pharmacy to demand payment of the debt by administrative and judicial request from the autonomous communities that foster the transmission of the receivables to financial institutions, require the approval of the state administrative and judicial, and require the central government and regional governments to remedy urgently the situation.