According to the Ministry, the first drug dose formats (paracetamol and ibuprofen) are commercially available since last April 12 in pharmacies, but the president of COFTA, Andreu Suriol, states that "the reality is quite different, because "at pharmacies in the province of Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre have not yet reached these medications in unit format."

The marketing of medicines in unidosis is a new cost-saving measure and control adopted by the Ministry of Health, though, as Andrew says Suriol, "in addition to drug harm themselves, not help at all for the purpose to be applied." In fact, notes that this type of requirement is likely to cause an increase in medical visits and, therefore, cause an undesirable effect, since the cost of the visit exceeds greatly the cost of medicine.

Moreover, the manifest COFTA to bear in mind that with the electronic prescription system built through the efforts of all professionals that are part of the prescribed quantities very accurately adapted to the treatment in question and therefore contributes to the rationalization of spending. The dispensing is done gradually and do not accumulate drugs in the home, self-medication and avoiding waste of resources.