While in the province of Alicante has joined the protest to 99% in Valencia was 97.2% and in Castellon, 97%.

The College of Pharmacists of Alicante yesterday asked the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, the "bailout" bills of pharmacies in the Region by the Central Executive if the Government can not take care of them.

Despite the strike date to sit there to negotiate a payment schedule required, which is the claim of the protest.

While the colleges of pharmacists push for defaults, but can not adopt more drastic measures, one hundred pharmacies are going to battle on their own and have been associated to harden the protests against the Consell and seek "alternative routes" to the officers, the taking place since the beginning of delays.

Currently the Department of Health for Valencia is offering a service to the people who can not afford the cost of which, so far, are taking on the pharmaceutical community, based on credit and personal guarantees.

The situation has become untenable for pharmacists, who are no longer resources. Defaults to keep, in a short time we will experience a post-war situation, with shortages of drugs in pharmacies. What will énoncés patients? What will then Mr. Pink?. This can be avoided if no one, the spigot to break social peace.