Pelvic Gym silicone are two spheres connected by a cord between them. Within each area are smaller balls with small vibrations that produce movement.

Pelvic Gym has a bead at the terminal end to facilitate removal from the vagina.

The material used in its manufacture is because this hypoallergenic silicone and easy to clean .

Pelvic Gym must be washed before use with a mild soap that tolerates our skin , one option is the usual shower gel . Before introduction into the vagina , one must lubricate with a water soluble lubricant such as Pelvic Gel, to facilitate the process .

The first week is advised to use for 15 minutes a day. From there , it gradually increases over time and can when used at the end as long as you want, still advisable to 4 hours.

Always carry on motion . We must remove at rest since their functionality is null .

It 's recommended to use during pregnancy to avoid fungus or other infections.

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause damage to the pelvic muscles , so it is advisable to use after giving birth .

When walking or moving , strengthen pelvic floor muscles . Both vibrations occur as having them within cause contraction of the vaginal muscles , thus strengthening the area.

Exercising the pelvic floor helps prevent and control urinary incontinence , improving urethral closure mechanisms . The pelvic viscera resting on the pelvic floor , to be further strengthened , decreases the risk of prolapse .

It also increases the sexual pleasure of women being more aware of their genital musculature . The pubococcygeus muscle , pelvic floor master , being more developed helps to increase the ability to achieve orgasm and intensity.

Gym Pelvic Another benefit is that increase women's natural lubrication .

Finally remind you not seen nor note so you can easily walk down the street and no one will notice.