Juanola, Angelini Pharmaceuticals brand, Facebook informed about products, promotions and more curious aspects of maintaining a friendly and quick with their consumers. In this way, users can access first-hand all the information related to the product: interesting news, videos, pictures or advertisements of yesterday and today.

In this first stage, the Facebook page Juanola will be a special edition with a retro look reminiscent of the 60's, in honor of their new flavor Juanola 60's, the Juanola always with a touch of essence.

On the wall of the Facebook page 'Juanola since 1906' sixties lovers will find daily contents of this decade that marked a before and after from the standpoint of social, political and cultural. Topics will be remembered as the man on the moon, the mythical miniskirts or the emergence of the Beatles. In addition, users can win a lot of products Juanola 60 years participating in the photo contest 'Look 60 Years' to be held during the coming weeks in the social network.

Juanola Brand New Years 60 and Sinclairs

The mod band Brand New Sinclairs has collaborated with the mark on making a video where the band next to Juanola Barakaldo Years 60. It is for this reason that Facebook users can find information about their upcoming concert on December 2 at the festival Beat Goes on Mod & 60's Rally de Gijón.

Other networks began socialesJuanola social media presence with the creation of YouTube and Flickr accounts this year, where you can find videos and photographs that explain and illustrate the history of the traditional pill box.