"In testing there has been no side effects, only local pain at the injection site. The vaccine is completely safe for patients," reported from the company, based in the outskirts of Beijing.

The Panflu will be 30% cheaper than other vaccines for swine flu and can be administered to people between 3 and 60.

In the coming months 65 million people may be treated with this vaccine.

"We have received approval from the authorities to commercialize it," said Liu Notimex Pearson, communications director of the company Sinovac.

Thousands of these vaccines could reach Spain this fall. The advantages over multinational pharmaceutical (Baxter American, Swiss Novartis or GlaxoSmithKline) are:

The price, as each dose will go for about 15 euros.
It will be a single dose
No side effects.

"We have only one dose is needed to combat the virus, according to our clinical trials, while other companies need two doses to immunize the patient," said Weidong.

  Although the priority of his company is "the Chinese market, with a thousand potential 300 million Chinese government to decide which countries can be exported or not so far is the only licensed vaccine against swine flu.