" In clinical practice there is no pharmacological protocol to treat these patients . From our service we have developed a protocol based on our own clinical experience , which so far has reported very satisfactory results , "according to Joan Ferri said Service Director .

Zolpidem , a sleep drug was administered accidentally in South Africa to a patient in persistent vegetative state in 2000 , causing a paradoxical effect spectacular , which was that the patient " woke up" and spoke for three hours to drug intake . "We talked about paradoxical effect when it appears the opposite effect than expected after taking a drug ," explains the medical coordinator Moliner Bethlehem .

"Given the poor prognosis and minimal neurological responses found in patients , the benefit / risk when using the drug, is clearly positive , which in our department decided to do a clinical trial, to give us the basis for a pharmacological protocol " .

" Since the service is applying this therapy with patients which are valued daily with specific scales , before and after taking the drug . The neurological responses sought are visual tracking and fixing , be able to discern between two objects shown , to respond with cephalic turn to the pronunciation of his name, and photographs distinguish their closest relatives, among other things , "says clinical director Colomer Carolina .

The neurologist Henry Noah explains that " this experience has allowed us to start creating a drug treatment protocol for patients with Low Status Syndrome Awareness Vigil and no response , that every day in rehabilitation work with our patients , allowing them greater "speed " in the output of hitherto existing responses . The results are successful , and many patients who have started working with us in such neurological conditions , manage to overcome them . "


In Spain there were last year 2012 , 1,179 fatal accidents on interurban roads , and 6,161 were seriously injured . According to the Spanish Federation Brain Injury ( FEDACE ) around 6,000 people are discharged from Spanish hospitals with head injuries that are caused by traffic accidents. Approximately 10 % of patients who have suffered a serious head injury after the first month is without regaining consciousness .