One of the Spanish specialists in the field, Dr. Celia Oreja-Guevara (director of the Multiple Sclerosis Unit of the Hospital La Paz, Madrid), addressed this issue in Congress ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS of Amsterdam and the Congress of the SEN in Barcelona.

  "With these drugs improve the quality of life of patients and this may give up one of the greatest fears that affect this group of patients, the injections. So you can avoid side effects such as skin changes and progressive loss of fat under the skin. "

Recent studies confirm that oral drugs achieve greater efficiency in response to new outbreaks.

One of these new developments comes on the heels of the Laboratory Biogen-Idec, along with Elan Corporation, have launched the TYSABRI (natalizumab).

The new data have been provided on this drug confirmed a reduction in the annualized rate of outbreaks in patients who were treated with this product, mainly in the first stage of the disease. In a different study also observed that patients experienced improvements in quality of life related to incontinence.