The first time that a single administration plans to extend the health copayment for now exists in Spain, the pharmacist, launches as several twists: the bill that the Catalan government Tuesday presented plans to implement a rate of one euro each drug indiscriminately and universal, that is, charge the same to any user of public health either retired, unemployed, mileurista or manager of a multinational.

Carlos Galcerán, deputy of the Popular Party (PP) in the Asturian Parliament, is a high dose of injustice tax collection method, a formula that will affect the fewest resources: "We are against. The moderators tickets often involve people who have less resources end up not using the service. And that seems grossly unfair. "

Aseferma, dedicated to pharmacy management consultancy, believes it is a measure "not right" presented as rate when, in fact, is a "copayment undercover" for Catalonia "lack" of skills.

"When applied indiscriminately over the whole population, said in a note-Aseferma, create situations of profound social injustice, especially pensioners, who are the biggest consumers of recipes."

Also suggest that many pharmacies would be forced to take the "indirect costs" of the measure by the rejection that would generate the collection of euro among patients.

For his part the Minister of Health, Luis Rosado, the Administration has ensured that Valencia "for now" precludes the application of a measure as that adopted by the Catalan Government to charge a dollar per prescription on the grounds that they will not "get anything short term with her. "

Rosado, who has expressed this way in a press conference, pointed out that the next central government convene autonomic Health counselors to "take joint decisions, which is what you need to do to upset the state model."