The announcement coincides with the approval of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality to implement the sale of drugs as a unit dose of pharmaceutical bill savings.

According to the director and founder of Onedose Pharma, Rosa Pardina, "when in May 2010 the Ministry of Health announced the unidosis as part of measures to reduce the deficit, Onedose Pharma took more than a year working in this format was adapted manufacturing machinery and was beginning to submit applications for regulatory approval. " The first products have already Onedose Pharma received marketing authorization and generic pharmaceutical services incorporated.

Is estimated to be available next April, when Grupo Ferrer formats distribute drugs marketed by Onedose Pharma unit. According to general sales manager of Grupo Ferrer, José Luis Fumanal, this agreement is "an opportunity to contribute to the NHS with new options to assist in the management of rational drug use."

In parallel, the Ministry of Health yesterday approved the incorporation of the first single-dose dispensing drugs, paracetamol and ibuprofen, which will be available in pharmacies in two months. Specifically, you can buy paracetamol in doses of 650 mg. and 1 g. and ibuprofen 400 and 600 mg., although the Ministry's objective is that in the coming weeks, begin to incorporate new active to the benefit.