Butterfly Skin is characterized by extreme fragility of the skin caused by a genetic mutation that prevents the proper production of certain proteins that function glue between the different layers of our skin. If the glue does not work, take off the layers , creating blisters and wounds, which can cover 80 percent of the body , from birth causing severe pain and medical complications for life , or even death .


On Friday the 25th , International Day Butterfly Skin sensitization campaign in hospitals " 12 Butterflies Solidarity " reaches the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, where DEBRA Spanish national headquarters , scheduled to open in the presence of concerned medical professionals and authorities .

In parallel , through social networks and WhatsApp Association will promote the use of an avatar with the logo of this day for it to reach as many people as possible .

Similarly, relatives and colleagues of the case made ??little awareness events and activities in their neighborhoods and schools in different parts of the country.

Put a butterfly in your life .

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