"Walnuts are one of whole foods that nature provides us and should be present in a balanced diet," agreed David Jacobs doctors and Ivana Vucenik.

The epidemiologist and professor at the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota (USA) David Jacobs said that "food is like an orchestra as a whole, in which foods are the instruments that should sound in unison, it is the basic principle of a balanced diet. "

"We aim to maximize what we eat, including natural food and high biological activity, to compensate our increasingly sedentary lives."

For its part, Ivana Vucenik, a professor at the University of Maryland (USA), highlighted the nuts, since "they are a complete food, nutritional richness which focuses on all components combined, rather than each separately" .

Vucenik Ivana, who was associate director in the research area of ​​the American Institute for Cancer Research, said that numerous studies have proven the value of the nuts in the prevention of cancer.

Elaine Hardman of Marshall University, has shown that nut consumption inhibits the growth rate of malignant breast tumors (Journal of Nutrition and Cancer, 2008) and Paul Davis of the University of California, also had favorable results in reducing the size and growth rate of prostate cancer.

David Jacobs said it is very important that people follow a Mediterranean diet, "including nuts, fruits and vegetables raw or undercooked, which keep all their property."

The consumption of nuts should be between 30 and 45 grams per day, or what is the same, seven nuts daily, combined with "daily physical activity to help prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease"