Spanish Minister of Health, Trinidad Jimenez, has confirmed that the influenza vaccine that will begin to apply from 16 November, will be of a single dose.

The minister stressed the agreement reached with all regional governments and has justified the date of November 16 for "logistics reasons" and "peace of the citizens."

"It was important all agree on the same day," he said, explaining that in some CCAA is being applied for seasonal flu vaccine and then be done with influenza A.

The minister who chaired this morning the Inter-Territorial Council of Health, has confirmed in a press conference that the application of the vaccine will begin next November 16.

Among the last-minute decisions, while maintaining the same risk groups of previous meeting (chronically ill, pregnant, security personnel and doctors), have joined the prison staff.

Trinidad Jimenez has recommended that "Pregnant women should be vaccinated. And despite the limited clinical trials with this risk group, the minister recalled that the European Medicines Agency has approved its application. "We have acquired a vaccine that has no adjuvant inactive virus," said Jimenez, who has found, surprisingly, this decision as "a plus" safety for pregnant women because there are more clinical trials with this vaccine.

The first group to receive the immunity will be the health workforce, including workers in the homes of the elderly, essential services, pregnant women and chronically ill patients after 6 months of age which will require between 18 and 20% Spanish population.