After starring in the biggest protest against GMOs in Europe is recalled that in 2009, are preparing for the next few weeks dozens of events throughout the country and a demonstration with the slogan: "For a GM-free food" in Madrid on 17 April.

Among the conveners of this protest are Friends of the Earth, Spanish Caritas, Solidarity Action Collective, the Confederation of Consumers and Users, COAG-Coordinator of farmers, the Colectivo Tierra de Campos, Ecologists in Action, Entrepueblos, Rural Youth Christians, the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture, Veterinarians Without Borders and Greenpeace.

Spain remains the only EU country that grows GM a large scale, and has been among the few countries to support the European Commission to approve the Amflora potato growing, genetically modified for industrial use.

The European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Affairs, John Dalli, has assured that the transgenic potato "Amflora" There is no harm to health and has denied the owner of the potato that the European Commission ensures that only be used as animal feed The German multinational BASF has "pressured" to the European Union allows its cultivation.

Nowadays, transgenic maize variety is the most used in Spain, but the European Commission has recently approved the cultivation of the first transgenic potato and these organizations warn that this new variety will end up in products for human consumption, although the European Commission ensures that only be used as animal feed.