To solve the problem of conservation of sterile formula has created a package that has revolutionized the concept dermocosmetic, elevating it to barren Device is intact DEFI Exclusive Formula, technical prowess, unique and patented. This locking system allows the delivery of the product while preventing the entry of external agents that might contaminate the formula, without PAO

New response to intolerant skin

Intolerant Skin range, Avène brand emblem, doubles partnering innovation to a new sterile cosmetic skin-specific active intolerant, the Parcerine.

The line consists of Intolerant Skin Cream DEFI (50 ml), Intolerant Skin Cream Enriched DEFI (50 ml) and intolerant skins cleansing lotion (200 ml). A smooth texture and adapted, without any preservatives and packaging DEFI to ensure sterile formula always start to finish.

Specific anti-redness action

For years, Avene has an open line of research in the field of skin redness and is now launching a new range. For the first time in cosmetic dermatology, an extract of ruscus art, the result of medical experience, is the answer to the deficiencies that cause redness.

The line consists of Anti-redness Rich Cream (40 ml) and Anti-redness Light Emulsion (40 ml).

Correcting hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation problems are always at some point in life and more and more women are affected by the overproduction of melanin. Pigmentation disorders are unsightly and can affect psychologically.

Avene Dermatological Laboratories formulate a specific care for the treatment of epidermal hyperpigmentation. A line consists of: Pigment Light Care for normal skin or mixed (cannula tube, 30 ml) and Care for Rich Pigment dry to very dry skin (cannula tube, 30 ml).

The answer to the first signs of dermatoporosis

Increasing age can cause significant functional deficiencies in the body, particularly in the skin, the body protector that insulates us from the environment.

The consequences of aging skin have attracted medical interest. Professor J.H. Saurat, President of the World League of Dermatology, has researched and called distress syndrome as dermatoporosis skin.

Avene Dermatological Laboratories have formulated Denseal (cannula tube, 100 ml), to provide a solution to skins dermocosmetic weakened by age and in addition to medical treatment, giving an overall response of the skin care of the elderly. Denseal applies at night in the affected areas (forearms, hands and legs).