Under the direction of Dr. Manuel Perucho, IMPPC the goal is preventive medicine, some of which treat the patient when you have symptoms of a disease. The center has already begun to work with new research teams, comprising 39 specialists, a number which will be extended until the end of 70 years and up to 150 when the school is at full capacity.

Based on information provided by genome sequencing, predictive medicine assesses the susceptibility of individuals to develop certain diseases to generate from this clinical preventive practices. Perucho IMPPC explained that the work will identify the molecular basis to predict the development of cancer, whether hereditary, familial or sporadic, and personalized treatment.

For now, the institute will focus its research on risk factors for gastrointestinal cancer and then coordinate with other research groups working with other cancers.


Each individual will have in the future, using information from the genome of a card with your personal genetic profile. The data contained on this card would meet each person's susceptibility to develop certain cancers and help detect the disease at very early stages, including presymptomatic, and then prescribe drugs designed for that patient. Later one could even prevent the development of a certain type of cancer.

The creation of a DNA bank will be one of the pillars on which the work IMPPC. When in full operation with 50,000 samples of the healthy population of Catalonia.