The online expert in the daily care of skin and number one recommendation dermatological, E45 Lutsine presents its new range of products Xeramance Dry Skin and Normal, which incorporates technology Lipid Constant, the latest innovation for skin care, that maintains hydration 24 hours a day.
The new range of creams E45 Lutsine has been developed to meet the daily needs of the skin. After the long winter, when the skin was exposed to changes in temperature and a variety of factors, both internal and external, that have contributed to the dryness and deterioration of it, what better than to give the skin a optimal hydration to prepare your sun exposure. Therefore Xeramance innovative features such as the essential components captivine (lipidure + glycerin) increased capacity to keep water from the skin and enhances the barrier function of skin, and rice starch absorbs water and releases the reservation Gradually the skin as it is needed.
E45 has come true Lutsine Xeramance hydration throughout the day. Therefore, the line expert skin care E45 Lutsine, available at pharmacies and parapharmacy, is presented as a product suitable for the whole family, from dry skin to normal skin, very dry and atopic infants, children and adults.