You are about to finish the school is a time to enjoy outdoor play pool and friends. There comes a summer camp or summer school, back to the days of rest for mothers are presented with a new challenge: coping with infestation by lice that may have their children in summer camps.

This summer more than 35% of children may suffer infestation by lice. Head lice is the disease caused by infestation of lice and can affect children of all ages and social spheres.
Areas with a greater incidence of head lice are the coastal provinces to be more humid and warm, compared to most central and cold that often have lower incidence of head lice.

So far all the treatments that there pediculicidas in the market to combat head lice include chemical pesticides, which in the long run, could become toxic to health. In addition, various scientific studies confirm that after his application for a long time, the lice came to adapt to this type of pediculicidas.

A solution without pesticides: the great ally of the mothers

To eradicate lice and that children are not forwarded to friends and family, with the inconvenience and disruption that would be created, the Wild Child, which specializes in research and innovation of new products for the care of children, has created Quit Nits ADVANCE, the only product with no chemical eliminated, with only one application, 100% of the lice and nits. Thanks to extract from Quassia Amara, one hundred percent natural products associated with different essential oils, Quit Nits Advance ensures mortality of all the lice in a period of 24 hours without affecting the health of the small house. With its innovative formula also highlights the presence of Dimethicone, it neutralizes the sticky substance that binds the nits to the hair, to a dead time after the treatment can be eliminated easily with a simple washing head.

Thanks to Quit Nits Advance, mothers and fathers no longer have to worry about this infestation uncomfortable as this product offers all the security and peace of mind that their children require. Furthermore, to further facilitate its implementation, has a mild odor and does not cause allergies.

For pregnant women and asthmatics:

Quit Nits ADVANCE  can also be applied with total confidence and security in both asthmatics and pregnant women, as their natural composition avoids side effects. Effective, clinically tested, has shown a total effectiveness against head lice and nits by offering the consumer the care they need without risking their health and efficiency is expected from this type of product.