It is an oral biological fotoinmunoprotector that protects against ultraviolet rays and also provides the body with the recommended daily amount of vitamin D, essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and the immune system.

Still, several studies indicate that 70% of the European population is deficient amounts of this vitamin and a reduced consumption increases the risk of infection and even some types of tumors. Therefore, the product was created to provide solutions to two issues as important as sun protection and vitamin D.

Heliocare Ultra D is a biological filter based on Fernblock, leucotomos extract Polypodium, a fern native to tropical Central America and potent antioxidant. It also contains vitamins C and E, lutein and lycopene.

The IFC nutritional supplement offers maximum protection in sun-intolerant skin, as well as vitamin D, so that guarantees antioxidant protection (prevents skin photoaging), immunologic (preserves the skin's defenses) of cellular DNA (prevents skin cancer) and strengthens against erythema skin and mucous membranes to solar radiation.