The application has been made ​​by HM Hospitals Health and Avon Wake App in order to accompany women with this disease. It is free and is available on the App Store.

You're not alone, we're 'Contigo'. The 16 stars of this interactive multimedia app have had breast cancer and now trying to help other women who have just been diagnosed or are in the middle of the road.

Videos with personal testimonies, interactive infographics and accurate medical content. All this, supported and directed by the oncologist Laura G. Estevez, coordinator of the Breast Unit Comprehensive Cancer Center Clara Campal (HM HOSPITAL).

The content appears organized in 11 thematic sections or chapters: the first days, the cancer, the therapies, the first day of chemo, side effects, diet, sexuality, the emotions, the sport, the reconstruction and the end of treatment.

You can access 'Contigo' in two different ways, two complementary experiences. With the tablet horizontally, envisioning video after video, and vertically, where besides the audiovisual content access text, infographics and even recipes and exercise sheets.

Nor need a final section on frequently asked questions that often make patients and their families.

With all this, the creators of 'Contigo' sick seek support breast cancer and become an essential tool with which to fill the gaps and clarify the doubts that arise on the path to healing.

You can find information about the App YOU in and has also been created on Twitter the hashtag # appcontigo.

Contigo :: La app para mujeres con cáncer de mama from Wake App Health on Vimeo.

 Photo: iPad Screenshot