A few months ago, specifically on February 6, I published a video, in our YouTube channel, talking about the magnesium chloride of Ana Maria Lajusticia.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cElNnbhCWg) I talked about their properties, benefits and side effects.


Today, after three months of taking magnesium on a regular basis, I come to share with you how I feel in my personal experience with the magnesium chloride of Ana María Lajusticia.(There is a video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgzJXd9lijA&t=8s)


My own experience with magnesium


As I said in the first video the most obvious side effect of magnesium is its laxative effect, if you want to know more about this I advise you to see the other video, well, to avoid it as much as possible, what I do is take Half a teaspoon of dessert at noon and a half teaspoon of dessert at night. In spite of it, I have warned to you that at the beginning of taking it I produced a slight laxative effect that disappeared in a week or so.


As for the benefits that I have noticed, the most important has been at the level of joints, because my knees hurt a lot, especially when I was sitting and had to get up, and the joints of the fingers, I have to tell you That this pain of knees and joints disappeared progressively and completely, which is very important, because it greatly improved my quality of life.


The second beneficial effect I have noticed is at muscular level the neck always had it tense, as contractured and with intermittent pain, that intermittent pain also disappeared completely.


Thirdly, I stopped having ramps or cramps in my legs, especially at night when I went to bed and it was not only annoying but many times painful, since about two months ago I do not have those cramps in the legs.


Fourth, at first the two shots were distributed in the morning and at noon, especially because of the fear of the laxative effect, but after a month I began to take it at noon and at night and from that moment I began to To note that it improved my ease to sleep as well as the quality of the same, I must confess that at the same time that I began to take the magnesium at night, I started to dine blue fish every night (sardine, mackerel or boquerón) and that Also could influence the improvement of the quality and quantity of my nocturnal rest.


Fifth, Another thing that has also been improving very slowly since I started to take it is my mood, now I am in a better mood than a few months ago, faced the otherwise quieter problems and I really feel happier, It may be that sleeping better also influences this, but it is a fact that I find interesting.


The biggest handicap I find in magnesium chloride is its taste, it is very bitter and at first it is very difficult to take. I started taking the half teaspoon in very little water and it was frankly unbearable, until I discovered that taking the same half a teaspoon of dessert with a full glass of water the taste was not so horrible, and I could mix it with eg orange juice and It was almost pleasant to drink and so, with orange juice, it's like I take it in the evenings.


There have been people, to whom I have recommended it, and who have not been able to get accustomed to the taste. I recommend these people whenever they take it in tablets or in the form of magnesium carbonate that has a more neutral taste.


To finish and Make a brief summary, I have stopped having joint pain and muscle contracture, my legs have cramped, my dream quality has improved, I have a better mood and better deal with the problems, the people who know me and With which he commented on this magnesium issue, I tell you that it is as if I have rejuvenated 10 years, at all levels, so if you do not have any serious intestinal problems, I recommend it 100%.


Well, this is all for today, we would like you to leave your experience or questions about magnesium in the comments box. If you liked this post share it on your social networks.