My surprise was great to discover that milk and its derivatives were the cause of all my suffering brat, the odious heartburn, which forced me to take antacids daily, cholesterol and also dairy intake was questionable from the point of view of health. The subsequent reading of numerous scientific articles convinced me that with my testimony, other people could benefit from this idea to improve your health.

Elaborating on the subject found that an increasing number of nutritionists question the value of dairy products under numerous studies associating its use with a variety of health problems and who are opposed to the concept of "staple "generally and culturally have of them.

It is true that there is still a division in the medical and scientific studies for and against, as happens in many other areas of science and it is difficult to decide who is right. But I just my own experience and the existence of studies that provide data against dairy consumption. The disappearance of my exaggerated seasonal rhinitis was more than enough to admit that this image of "staple" is more technical part of marketing than reality.

On the other hand we must not forget that according to the origin of milk, this formulation has an especially "designed" to feed the offspring of a particular species and, of course, the content of cow's milk is not the same as human milk, but their similarity leads us to think that all milks are the same.

Human milk is adapted to the metabolism of human babies and cow metabolism of calves. The fat and protein from cow's milk is too much for human beings and the proportions of sugars and mineral salts are also different, as well as the content of proteins, sugars and salts varies at each stage of lactation.

To all this we must add that, at present, almost no one uses milk from cows and all dairy products on the market are treated with different processes of storage and processing (homogenization, pasteurization, UHT, etc..).

Many people, besides me, are already aware that cow's milk increases mucus producing a thick, heavy mucus, exacerbating any breathing process. Hay fever, bronchitis, colds, asthma, sinusitis, runny noses and ear infections are mainly due to dairy products. They are also the cause of allergies. This can be checked easily if you experience any of these symptoms, as I did, leaving to consume dairy.

For those who want to pursue the subject, an independent group of American doctors, the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), add 8 great reasons based on scientific studies to eliminate dairy from the diet.

I will not worry about calcium!

No wild animal drinks milk of other animals and, despite this, they often suffer from calcium deficiencies. The normal diet will provide all the nutrients needed to maintain normal health.

The problem we have in society today is that we have lost all instinct food and our diet is so far from the natural that we take a large amount of some nutrients and suffer from other shortcomings.

The Study of Nutrition-Oxford-Cornell China, known as Project China, having been made in mainland China and Taiwan, was designed to study diet, lifestyle and different diseases across rural areas China. By simultaneous investigation of disease and dietary habits, the project generated the most comprehensive database of the world on the multiple causes of disease. This study found that China's population, which traditionally have never consumed milk, a risk much lower than the West of osteoporosis and hip fractures.

Naturally, the fact of having given up milk and dairy products causes me some problems, but not health, but social and psychological, must be noted that dairy products are used in the food industry intensively, are part of the culture of this country and also form part, without our being aware of it, many processed foods.

If it is true, I have to deprive eating cakes, desserts, creams, ice creams and sauces (almost all prepared from cream) but what I miss most is cheese (in all its varieties). Sure you are giving the impression that I can not eat hardly any of the common foods and this severely limits my dietary variety. The solution is to read the labels of processed products and reject all containing milk or milk derivatives, including the ubiquitous lactose and use imagination to explore new foods and find substitutes tasty and nutritious.

In short, anyone with respiratory problems or allergies advise you to test and temporarily eliminate dairy from your diet, if it works then on, no, you can always return to consume them without any problem. Remember that milk and other dairy products are not needed in the diet and we have ways of replacing them healthier foods.