Erectile dysfunction increasing among young

The research looked at nearly 30,000 men between 18 and 39 years in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and England. Respondents answered psychometric tests on the quality of life, work and sexual life.

The results showed that 1 in 20 young suffer from impotence. The Italians are claiming to have had more problems in bed with more than 6% compared with 4-5% of their counterparts in other countries.

This study was presented at the World Meeting of Sexual Medicine in Chicago.

Poverty, a risk factor

Dr. Jannini declares that erectile dysfunction affects 17% of young people in Western Europe, 4% more than the previous year.

The novelty of this study relates to the risk factors. For the first time poverty is measured as a cause of impotence: those who suffer from erectile dysfunction are poorer than those without the disorder. This risk factor now joins other well-known as physical inactivity and obesity.

In addition, men with erectile dysfunction problem speak more than before: in 32.8% of cases rely on the couple, at 30.1% speak it with a specialist and 20.1% of respondents share with other men with the same condition.

Drug Treatments

There is another study commissioned by Lilly pharmaceutical company, known for the production of Cialis for erectile dysfunction. In the study titled "Erectile dysfunction: changes in the imagination and reality" shows that the attitude of men and women with regard to impotence problems has changed significantly thanks to drug treatments currently available in the pharmacy.

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