(Name of teen in question), residing at (Street Address) (City) accepts the following standards for the use and enjoyment of their (Brand and Model Smart Phone) with (calls, 3G data, etc. ).

The (Brand and Model Smart Phone) is of my parents (full name of parent). They bought it. Pay for their connection to the telephone company X. I give it to me, (Name of teen in question). My parents are the best!.

My parents always know the password.

If it rings, answer it. It's a phone. I'll say hello, I'll be polite. Never ignore the call if my father or my mother. Never ignore them.

Deliver the phone at 22:00 pm if you have class the next day, and 23.00h the weekend. The phone will turn off at night and turn back on at 8:00 h. I will respect the schedules of the other families, as we like to also be respected.

I take the phone to school. Talk to the people who send you messages then. It is a social skill.

If you drop the tub, or breaks down, I will be responsible for paying for the repair. You have that planned spending.

Do not use the technology to lie or make fun of anyone. Do not engage in conversations that may hurt others or at least stay away from those situations. Be a good friend.

Do not post, email or you contact with people you would not in person.

No converse by phone with people you'd bring home no.

No porn. If in doubt ask someone. Preferably your father or your mother.

Turn it off or put it on silent when in public. Especially in theaters or when you're talking to a person. You're rude, do not let a mobil change that.

Do not send or receive images of the intimate parts of one, (do not laugh at what I just said), one day you'll be tempted to do so even if you are very intelligent. It is dangerous and could ruin your adolescence. It's a bad idea. Cyberspace is larger and more powerful than you. And it's hard to make something disappear, including poor reputation.

Do not make photos and videos of all. No need to document your entire life. Live your experiences. They will be stored in your memory forever.

Occasionally leave the phone at home and feel safe with that decision. The mobile is not an extension of your body. Learn to live without it.

Download new music or old or different from the millions of people who listen simultaneously. Your generation has access to more songs than anyone has ever had access to before. Enjoy this privilege. Expand your horizons.

Word games, puzzles or mental training are best for your development.

Keep your eyes open, watching the world going on around you, look out the window, listening to the birds, walk, talk to people around you, looking for answers to things without using Google.

If you do not meet any of the points of this contract you will remove the phone. We will sit and talk about it and start again. You're always learning. We are a team and we are in this together.

What sign for all purposes.

(Date and signature of the adolescent)