MinAvit is a blend of minerals from modern scientific studies, is the perfect drink for athletes who want to avoid unnecessary calories plus essential minerals and vitamins meets a science-based composition .

Food supplement intended for athletes ( both in training and in competitions) for the replacement of water and electrolytes lost through sweat . With a special formulation of minerals (University of Ulm ) and 3 sugars.

  • For all situations with high sweat losses .
  • Based physiology stabilizes the water and minerals.
  • Shortens regeneration time.
  • Reduces the decrease in resistance .
  • Helps improve resistance.

MinAvit is consumed by athletes like David Ferrer , Juan Carlos Ferrero , Carlos Boluda team Valencia Basket Club , Tommy Robredo , Albert Montanes , Edith Niederfrininger , Gustavo Martinez and other players and teams .

Recommendations for use :

10 grams ( 2 teaspoons ) to be dissolved in 300 ml of cold water. In case of a loss of up to 1 liter of sweat per hour, the amount used should be at least the volume of sweat.

Once opened, should be fine with reclosable plastic lid and stored in a dry