The director general of the Spanish laboratory that specializes in research and treatment of migraine DR Healthcare, Juanjo Mourning said that migraine is a disease "badly treated" and pharmacological approaches "obvious inefficiency" as only 20% of patients were satisfied with their treatment. Thus, according Juanjo Grief, "the patient ends up taking refuge in self-medication, polypharmacy and subsequent overdose."


The origin of migraine is multifactorial and, although historically it has been linked to hormonal disorders, recent research points to an origin and genetic food. A neurologist is who diagnosed migraine, but, knowing the origin of it, could be preventively without medication. For this purpose, DR Healthcare has launched "Migratest, a new laboratory test to diagnose food-borne disease.


Moreover, the European Healthcare Alliance (EHA) will keep a meeting tomorrow in Brussels European Parliament to, among other things, promote the "Manifesto of Madrid disabling migraine and other headaches, a 5-year plan with the aim of recognize the disabling condition and where it asks for more information, education and awareness about the disease.