The program, aimed at weight loss and cellulite reduction is based on the premise that true beauty is more dependent on one's own self-esteem and physical attractiveness. The author of the idea that if you feel good inside, you'll be perfect for.
I know this kind of book respond to the compulsive need to lose weight in summer, but it is not advisable to start a weight loss method, however interesting it is, just when they want to lose weight: the weight is lost gradually and not forced marches
Rosa Pérez-Bibi uses her knowledge in the consultation, and that method to provide information about foods and their effects on the body as well as to develop some basic nutritional concepts widespread among the population.

The third chapter, entitled intelligence, speaking of cellulite: why it occurs, how it counteracts ... Chapter 4 offers suggestions, tips and diets to lose weight in a healthy, well, we review the miracle diets and its dangers, without forgetting the jercicio.

The book includes simple recipes and healthy diets tailored to each personal circumstance, exercises that help you lose weight, tips to improve the image, ideas for eating better and enjoy eating and cellulite treatments.