What if I told you that you can spend time without laces, or napkins, or irritation ?

Still have not heard of FEMICUP menstrual cup ?

FemiCup is a product dedicated to the care of the menstrual period is a menstrual cup made ??from 100% ultra soft silicone medical and REUSABLE , yes , you read correctly , is reusable up to 12 hours of protection.

It has a thin, flexible design that offers absolute comfort while being able to fold up to be as thin as a buffer and an ability to flow on both abundant as light period. These glasses are made 100% free of chemicals, bleaching or fibers that may cause allergic or sensitivity reaction. It is a completely odorless method for collecting menstrual flow to prevent directly exposed to air.

Why use FemiCup ?

For his 12 hours of menstrual protection day and night .
By eliminating menstrual odor and irritation.
Because it's ideal as light flows in abundant .
Because with a single purchase will save time and money.
Because it is made of medical grade silicone , 100% safe .
Because it is reusable and environmentally friendly .
How to choose the size FemiCup ?

Size 1 (Size S ) : for women who have not given birth or who have given birth by cesarean. Dimensions : diameter: 41 mm; height ( without nozzle) : 47 mm ; Total capacity: 25 ml; usable capacity ( based on the air holes ) : 20 ml ; nozzle length : 23 mm .
Size 2 (Size M ) for women who have given birth naturally and for women who have a weak pelvic floor. Dimensions : diameter: 46 mm; height ( without nozzle) : 52 mm ; Total capacity : 35 ml; usable capacity ( based on the air holes ) : 29 ml ; nozzle length : 18 mm.

FemiCup How it works ?

Quick guide:

Before first use , sterilize the cup in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
Before manipulating the FEMICUP drink , wash hands thoroughly. To facilitate insertion , lubricated with water or water based lubricants .
Fold the cup to slide in easily, like a buffer , once inside it opens delicately creating a barrier between the vaginal walls.
Her inner muscles FEMICUP keep the cup in the correct position , find the right position practicing and knowing your anatomy. Unlike the buffer , the cup is held in the bottom of the vagina, not so low to be uncomfortable even sitting .
To set the glass on the inside, carefully rotate or scan a finger around it.
To clean just remove and wash the cup . You can put it back about 2 or 3 times a day .