The first measure, agreed with autonomy on Thursday, passing through lower pharmaceutical expenditure by 1,500 million. This action was carried out by lowering the price of drugs that carry more than ten years in the market and also generic.

The president and CEO of management of the laboratories met yesterday with Minister of Health, Trinidad Jimenez, who reported their concern about the impact of these measures.

Farmaindustria, meanwhile, warned today in a statement that "these measures will not come to correct the chronic deficit of the Health System", but "it will be difficult to keep up investment in research and internationalization that requires competition global scale. "

For its part, the Business Federation of Spanish Pharmacists (FEFE) said yesterday that once again take "short-term cyclical measures pose a serious risk that our model of pharmacy. No act on the request is impossible to guarantee the sustainability of health system. FEFE also anticipates that these measures could result in the loss of 5,000 jobs.