"Today is not possible to make a male-type profile that you want permanent hair removal, since the treatment is widespread. However, what we do is being noticed is a change in the areas that you want to shave."

Perhaps the most striking is the new demand for hair removal "executive neck," which consists of the "medical laser hair removal of the bottom of the beard, right in the area where the collar rubs the area skin with a beard. To many people, the constant rubbing, together with the irritation that occurs in the skin after shaving morning, as a result gives the appearance of pseudofolliculitis, in which the hair, as they begin their growth, cyst in the skin, resulting in the appearance of small spots, and infections that cause itching and irritation. "

"The emergence of new medical technologies and laser hair removal expert paplicación new line of facial hair removal treatment are perfectly feasible and safe male hair of the beard." Although the man's beard hair is a type of "particularly strong, if the hair is dark, even in pelts with equally dark skin types, hair removal is perfectly possible." Only in cases where the beard is gray hair, or white color, this hair removal is not possible because "the energy of the laser acts on the hair pigment melanin, which is what gives hair its dark color" . Dr. Azpiazu encourages those who are thinking of shaving the beard to do so "before turning the hair go gray or even white."

"The hair should be done with a laser medical, not a cosmetic laser, as men we need a specific power of light, without which the result can be inadequate or even more hair out." As recalled by the co-director and co-founder Dermitek Medical Group, "in France, the use of professional laser is specifically regulated by law in the United States have closed many schools for inadequate medical supervision."

Azpiazu also warned of "progressive increase" in demand for male genital hair removal. "Initially, it is true that the profile was a little more specific, but since 2008, has appreciated its generalization to many types of demand: there is one that asks for aesthetic reasons, others say it's for hygiene, others argue that it is a plus for the relationship with your partner ... There is everything, "said the expert.

The specialist has stressed the need for this hair is always done "under the supervision of appropriately skilled medical staff." The reason lies in the fact that "the color of the skin of the genitals (your skin type), is often darker than the rest of the body adjacent skin." Therefore, in order to prevent the laser energy can produce side effects in these areas, "we must do so prior small tests in different areas to be treated. Thus, the physician may optimally calibrate the different laser parameters for safe and effective treatment. "

Another area of ​​hair removal, according to the expert, most are increasing their demand "are the armpits." As he explains, "there are men who are heavy sweating or even suffer from hyperhidrosis. These people resent the fact that once soaked clothes in the armpit and that this end smelling sweat. Therefore, prefer plucking the armpit hairs, which gain in comfort in all aspects, both personally and with their clothes. "

Similarly, Azpiazu has stated that "from the aesthetic point of view, for a man who has shaved his back and chest, much better a shaved armpit hair that one abundant in this area, so that men often demand the full realization of laser hair removal of the upper trunk. "

Abscesses and fistulas or cleft sacred is an old problem. They occur mainly in men aged 15 to 40 years. This is caused by deep infection and abscess of hair in that area and occurs in genetically predisposed individuals. In this regard, Dermitek has developed a research for the treatment of recurrent sacral fistulas using laser hair removal, which has shown its effectiveness in eradicating this problem without going under the knife again. The study was published internationally in the journal Dermatologic Surgery, official organ of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

In addition, Dr. Azpiazu impact on prevention: "someone who starts with infected grains in this area and has family with sacral fistulas should consider permanent laser hair removal, the patient avoids complex surgery in the future."