Using a pseudo-scientific language, dare to suggest that no further medical treatment for tratarlas.Y claim they have the "alternative formula for that in any manifestation of pain, infection, inflammation, obstruction, congestion, organ dysfunction (all diseases) may test their effectiveness before undergoing expensive and uncomfortable treatments. "

The company, formerly known Avanti'x, sells its products in Mexico, the U.S. and Spain through a pyramidal structure with a network of dealers and distributors.

Yesterday, already known to the complaint, the facts were rushing in a strange way, further ensuring the circumstances surrounding this case. Thus, the web, which contained the controversial statements, became unavailable, apparently due to saturation of the server to return late at night. And across the Nodacom your voice appeared to surprise someone, who claimed to be an individual and ignore any circumstances connected with the company.

The website begins by introducing the magnetic or magnet therapy as "a revolutionary alternative that opens up with instant results, some truly impressive." After pondering this magnetic therapy for their economy, because "just as the constant rising costs of health care seem endless, it appears this powerful technique."

Quoted HIV, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, lupus, vascular problems. Later it says "can heal to full, safe and less aggressive" conditions such as depression, cardiac arrhythmia and certain types of tumors.

"Cancer is a curable disease by magnetic therapy," he says in large letters Magnetik's website. For this disease is recommended "treatment in our clinic magnetism", accompanied by magnetic water intake. Then, after stating that "this technical investigation has found a number of partnerships between various microorganisms that result in the phenomenon of malignant tumor and cancer", is released to stating several factors associated with cancer.

In the tab dedicated to AIDS is spoken in the darkest terms, not bluntly state the possibility of healing. It is alleged that certain phenomenon allows us to identify the etiological components syndromes whether viral bacterial, fungal, parasitic, dysfunctional, toxic or genetic, and most heal in one or two sessions of 1.20 min. Each. " However, it is also recognized that "it is a virus there is no proven effective drug. The reinforcement therapy will alleviate symptoms and possible infections."