Today we are going to try to clarify some questions that you ask about magnesium. The most frequently asked question in the pharmacy is the difference between chloride, carbonate and lactation, which is best assimilated, or because the best known is chloride.


If you want to inform us in depth about the magnesium and its properties, we already made a video where we explained, of which I will leave the link in the box of the description, there you can have all the information.


As you all know, for another video in which I tell you my experience, I am taking magnesium chloride, but magnesium chloride has an acid pH, slightly acidic, and people who have a tendency to have heartburn feel them Better an alkaline salt, this alkaline salt is magnesium carbonate, but ...


What difference there are?


Magnesium: Chloride, Carbonate or Lactate. Which one is better to take?


With magnesium chloride you take magnesium as your body will use it, but if you have a tendency to have heartburn because you are taking a compound that is also slightly acidic.


However with magnesium carbonate if you have stomach acidity, you will have to do what the sodium bicarbonate that people used to neutralize that acidity, and that is why I recommend magnesium carbonate to those who You tend to have stomach acidity, because when the magnesium carbonate reaches the stomach it is transformed into chloride, because in the stomach we have hydrochloric acid, which is one of the strongest acidic slabs there are.


Magnesium chloride can be found in tablets, it is best to take it with half a glass of water when you start to eat, because in this way we make sure that it mixes well with food.


If you prefer to take it in powder you should take, half spoonful of dessert dissolved in a glass of water twice a day, during meals, either at the beginning or before dessert, as you prefer. You can also prepare the powdered chloride by dissolving a tablespoonful of magnesium chloride in a liter of water in a glass bottle and taking a small cup of coffee from this solution once or twice a day.


The amount of magnesium with which we must supplement our diet depends not only on the lack of magnesium in our food, but also on people who have higher needs than others, depending on what we eat and our nature.


And as I know what my lack of magnesium is.


I'll give you some guidelines to know.


When there is a severe lack of magnesium we find things like:


Involuntary contraction of the muscles, that typical tik in the eyelid is very characteristic.


Tingling around the mouth.




Leg cramps.


If these symptoms are very frequent then take twice a day, if they are less frequent then take once a day.


If I have decided to take magnesium carbonate but I do not have stomach acid problems, it is best to drink it with orange juice or lemon, because if I take it with water, the magnesium carbonate in the stomach will react with the acid in the stomach and produce Magnesium chloride, carbonic anhydride and water, or what is the same will produce gases, and will neutralize stomach acid.


If we dissolve it in orange or lemon juice the effervescence will occur in the glass and not in the stomach.


Now, when we have stomach acidity it is best to take it with water as it will neutralize the excess acid and also remove the acidity.


Both chloride and carbonate are the most assimilable and also the cheapest. But as all has its drawbacks is that of these compounds only 20 or 25% of magnesium is assimilated and therefore has a slight laxative effect, because magnesium ions that have not been able to reach the blood are surrounded by water molecules. Which makes the bundles softer.


What I want you to be clear is that magnesium does not cause diarrhea, the intestine does the digestion well, but the water in the intestine surrounds the magnesium ions that have two positive charges and that is why the feces are softer.


Due to this slightly laxative effect, there are people who prefer to take the chloride in the form of lactation, but of course, this has much less magnesium than the chloride or carbonate, on the other hand does not have that laxative effect, so if you want to take magnesium Without having a laxative effect I recommend you breastfeeding. Its flavor is mild which makes it the ideal supplement so that both children and elderly can take it with any food as it goes unnoticed.


Well and up to today's video, what is your experience with magnesium, you prefer it in the form of chloride, carbonate or lactation. Leave your opinion in the comments.