If we want to avoid infections and other problems, personal hygiene, requires specific attention and care. Maintain the natural pH of the intimate area is vital to feel clean and fresh. This need is accentuated during menstruation or during the summer when, in the heat, sweat more.

You need to have daily hygiene routines with an appropriate product. You need to clean the genital area at least once a day, although this will depend on the physical activity we undertake.

Avoid frequent douching, as this area has its own protective bacterial flora, and use of personal hygiene products that protect and respect the natural pH of the vagina.

Lutsine has provides us a new range of feminine hygiene products, based on natural ingredients that help maintain the physiological pH of the intimate area in top condition.



Made with cranberry helps prevent infections by keeping the natural balance of the intimate area, providing an instant feeling of comfort and lasting comfort.


It made from natural extract of witch hazel helps us soothe irritations. Soothes and moisturizes the area freeing it from itching and irritation. Does not contain soap, it is ideal for the daily care of even the most sensitive skin.


Designed to provide immediate freshness. Contains no soap and help maintain the natural pH of the intimate area.

As a guide, so that you can make the best choice for your intimate gel is important to note that they must not contain soap or perfumes, should respect the vaginal pH and, if possible, without dyes or parabens.