The artichoke is one of the best friends in the diets to lose weight because it has excellent properties for weight loss, is rich in fiber, which hinders the absorption of fats and sugars, and helps quickly moving toxins and harmful fats in the intestine .

Artichoke diet

For best results it is advisable to accompany the artichoke diet with exercise. After finishing the diet should eat a healthy diet and continue the exercises, so you will not get a rebound effect.

Arkopharma artichoke capsules are ideal to enhance the effectiveness of any diet supplement. Apart from artichoke capsules, Arkopharma has a presentation Artichoke Ampoules with a concentration mallor artichoke, diet arko proposes capsules and ampoules for a month, is as follows:

  • First 10 days: 1 ampoule Artichoke + 1 ampoule of green tea every morning.
  • 20 days: 2 capsules artichoke Camilina + 2 capsules at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Dilute blisters in half a glass of water.

Artichoke capsules

Also you can take 3 capsules at lunch and 3 in the evening with a glass of water as it facilitates digestion and eliminate liquids.

Keys diet Artichoke

It can be used to lose 1-6 kilos that have been earned in a short time mainly by poor diet and excess fatty foods.

The diet should be accompanied by some exercise to avoid the rebound effect and above all remember to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day.