Today I want to talk to you about being overweight, and not so much because of the aesthetic problem that can now mean facing the summer but because of the health problems that can cause us.


Overweight and obesity are considered as important public health problems, both because of the increase in the number of people who suffer from them and because of the serious consequences they have.


Bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle have led us to reach this increase in overweight, all helped by the genetic predisposition that humans have to create fat reserves due to the evolution of our species.


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The origin of this imbalance is found in the changes experienced by society caused by economic growth, modernization, urbanization or globalization in food customs.


We have changed our way of eating, we have increased the consumption of foods very energetic, without fiber, and with a high percentage of saturated fats and refined sugars. At the same time we have reduced physical effort at work or at home and we have also increased the sedentary lifestyle during free time which leads to a large decrease in physical activity.


Although to varying degrees, people who are obese or overweight and are characterized by having an excess of fat, which accumulates in adipose tissue. This adipose tissue plays an important role in the production of biologically active substances called "adipoquinas", able to regulate the metabolism of fats.


When excess fat accumulates in adipose tissue, inflammatory-type adipokines are released that have negative consequences throughout the body, as they increase the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.


The fat present in the abdomen is able to produce a greater amount of inflammatory cytokines than the fat of other areas of the body. For this reason, it is necessary to pay great attention not only to extra kilos, but also to the distribution of fat and, above all, if it accumulates in the waist.


Considering all this, people who are in a normal range of weight and with a Body Mass Index also normal, must also have under control the abdominal circumference, since it is considered in itself like a risk factor irrespective of the weight.


Laboratories Aboca has incorporated a new product within the range of Slimming, for weight control: Libramed Sachet Granulated Monodosis.


All Libramed products, thanks to Policaptil Gel Retard, act at the intestinal level forming a highly viscous gel that favors the reduction of the amount and rate of absorption of carbohydrates, is what is known as the retard effect, which makes Which decreases the feeling of hunger and drowsiness after meals.


On the other hand, and based on the same mechanism, Policaptil Gel Retard reduces the absorption of fats, favors intestinal transit and regularizes the consistency of feces. With this new presentation in granulated pouches, Libramed offers the possibility of carrying the product, for example in the bag, if we usually eat out of the house, which makes it more practical and makes us forget to take it.


Laboratories Aboca recommends taking a sachet of Libramed before the two main meals, putting the contents of the pouch in 100 ml of water (equivalent to half a glass). Mix it thoroughly until you get a good solution and take it immediately, do not wait to take it as it gels very fast. After this you should drink another glass of water. Never, I repeat, you put the sachet directly in the mouth, you must take it necessarily dispersed in water.


Libramed along with a balanced diet, drinking enough liquid and doing regular physical activity, is indicated for weight control in adults and young people from 12 years of age.


This product does not replace a varied and balanced diet or to perform physical activity regularly.


And what do you think, do you think that being overweight is a health problem or simply aesthetic? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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