And is not the same reading to suffer (to me it reminds me ...) for almost four weeks I have been testing different anti-cellulite creams 5 of which have drawn different conclusions that the manufacturer promised ...

Some have not met even the minimum expectations, others have pleasantly surprised me.

Then I make a short summary of the result that each one has given me.

Somatoline belly and hips:

The truth is that this does not cause me neither hot nor cold. Ie I did not notice a visible improvement of the skin. Took a long time to be absorbed, and that to me is essential! I am very vague. As a cream for me headaches, ended up leaving. So finally, if I were to choose this cream, in a short period of time would. I offset the economic effort with the result.

Roc cellulite:

I'm up to the comb of this cream! I do not recommend under any circumstances! I hartita that at 4 days to be spent will bring you the treated areas filled with a kind of erasure. I hate it every year, say they improve the texture, each year I fall into the trap, and every year I get the same disappointment!

Cellulite Gel Cold Deliplus Effect:

Yes, even the competition, I wanted to try more products than those in the pharmacy channel. And the cold feeling that gave me the first time I wore it made me reject it at first but then it's nice (looks more like a tired legs) do not know if it was my type of cellulite or simply that cream is safe, I got nothing, more than a little chilly and hydrate the skin ... effect obtained, none.

Garnier Cellulite Reducing Gel:

I loved the texture! It absorbs quickly, even when I've spent a few days, the skin is a bit pegajosa.Y if I applied it to completely dry skin formed a white ball. Regarding the outcome, would have expected more. The orange peel resists it.

Fast draining of Biocol:

I love her! Outcome 10 in all aspects! Perfect texture, not as they have okhecho but not form or pellets, or erasure, or anything else, even if the skin is moist. Cellulite is the first in a long time that I was removing all or part of cellulite more resistant in certain areas. And it smells great!.

So after these days, in which I have spent a significant proportion of the budget in creams, and many times I had to force self to continue the experiment I can make it clear that, blind faith in the anti-cellulite Biocol, relationship for money, outstanding!

If I had a bigger budget certainly give him a second chance because nothing works Somatoline wrong.