In the recent primaries socialist candidate to the Community of Madrid, Leire Pajin supported against Trinidad Tomás Gómez Jiménez. Leire Pajin, so far Organizing Secretary of the PSOE, was born in San Sebastian in 1976 and an MA in Sociology. She was Secretary of State for International Cooperation of the Government from 2004 to 2008 and a year later was elected senator for the Valencian Parliament.

The other changes in government are Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba as senior vice president, Ramon Jauregui as Minister of Presidency and Valeriano Gomez as Minister of Labour. In addition, Rosa Aguilar assumed the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs and Housing Ministries disappear and also of Equality, whose expertise will add precisely to that of Health.

From now on, the secretariat of the party organization, a position occupied by Leire Pajin, will be assumed by Marcelino Iglesias, President of the Community of Aragon.