For all the attention does not fall, as always, the first born in 2013, Ordesa promotes an initiative to reward the baby born just before the stroke of New Year.

For the second consecutive year, Laboratorios Ordesa reward initiative promotes the "Last Baby of the Year". The small receive a "baby check" of 2,000 euros, a basket and a lot of products Ordesa.

The company creates its own "baby check" to help some parents who want to raise families in a difficult time like the present. The aim is twofold: first, to help a family, and on the other, claim the figure of baby born just before the bell, as born in Ordesa believe the latter has the same merit as the first born.

Are you expecting a baby? Well, if you get the grapes, congratulations! Laboratorios Ordesa will make a great Christmas gift to last baby of 2012: a complete set of products, a basket, a health policy DKV INTEGRAL ELITE and 2,000 euros in cash.

If you think your baby may be the last year, is now involved:

1 - Join the Parent Club Ordesa, if you have not already.
2 - Between 1 and 14 January to send a copy of the birth certificate evidencing the same time. Also, include in your message the name and surname of the parents and the baby, and your address and telephone number, if you want, a photo of the newborn.

During the month of January, announced in baby name last year and winner of the batch of gifts.
Good luck!