Kate gave birth to her first child, George, on July 22, 2013, and her husband, Prince William, announced yesterday, September 08, that the couple is expecting their second child.

The March of Dimes, which aims to help moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies, recommended that women wait 18 months between delivery and subsequent pregnancy, to allow time for a woman's body to recover. A pregnancy within 18 months of giving birth is related, according to the Mayo Clinic, with an increased risk of premature delivery and low birth weight.

Pregnancy and lactation may decrease deposits of iron and folic acid in the mother, important nutrients for mom and baby. Getting pregnant before these deposits are replaced could affect the health of the mother or baby, says the Mayo Clinic.

Doctors usually advise women to wait 18 months between giving birth and becoming pregnant again to give the uterus time to recover, and to allow time for the couple to incorporate the newest member of the family,

However, if a woman has a good health, take prenatal vitamins and have access to good prenatal care, as in the case of Kate Middleton, a gap of 13 months between delivery and subsequent pregnancy, no should be no problem.

Ultimately, the waiting time between pregnancies and the other is a personal decision that each couple should consult with your doctor.

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