While this haircut have evolved, dermatologists still observed the photoresist of the big bangs that sweep the forehead and protecting a part of the face from sun damage effect.

This style hairdo Justin Bieber gives physicians a unique opportunity to talk to teens about sun protection.

Doctors Agi and Crystal Bernard Cohen of Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland) have observed an interesting phenomenon in some of their adolescent patients with Bieber hairdo: Marked differences between the skin covered by the bangs and the skin on the rest of face. The skin under the bangs was paler, and had almost no freckles, those freckles if covered skin of the cheeks and nose of these same patients.

Freckles are not harmful in themselves, but are markers of sun damage and are linked to an increased risk of melanoma in adults, says Cohen, professor of dermatology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Cohen and Agi have dubbed the phenomenon as "the Big Bang theory" (in Castilian "big bang theory"), and they realized they could use this trend to explain to children and adolescents who suffer damage skin if not protects from the sun.

These include talks with teens what they can do to protect yourself from the sun, such as using a sunscreen, a hat and sun protective clothing while avoiding the midday sun, as far as possible.

Talking with teens about sunscreen can be difficult, because most young people do not care about the risk of skin cancer that can occur decades later. Nor concerned about wrinkles or anything that can make them look older.

Despite the protective effect observed in some patients bangs, teens with this hairstyle should wear sunscreen all over the face and not rely on bangs for sun protection.

Agi Cohen and published their observations in the article "The Big Bang Theory Adolescent Hairstyles and Sun Protection” in the July issue of JAMA Pediatrics.

the big bang theory

Justin Bieber by Kevin Aranibar of Kerosene Photography from New York, United States [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons