Trinidad Jimenez, waiver deadlines pending the outcome of consultations held with the parliamentary groups in order to achieve broad consensus, and states that are trying to measure their efforts with great restraint and reconcile the interests of all.

From the employer; hotel, from which predicts the closure of 70,000 businesses with consequent loss of more than 200,000 jobs the Government is asked reflection and consensus before approving the controversial anti-smoking law with which the Executive It prohibits smoking in all indoor public establishments without exception

For his part, President of the doctors, Sendín Rodriguez has said that the fight against smoking is an issue that "no-brainer", so that changing the current legislation needs to be implemented "as soon as possible" and reform regretted that "so obvious" for the good health of the citizens' cost much to implement it. "

The text of the Act will be presented later this semester, before the end of the Spanish presidency of the European Union.