This tremor is likely in a spy who drink more than four times the recommended alcohol limit in their missions .

Neil Guha and Patrick Davies of Nottingham University NHS Trust Hospital, and Graham Johnson, the Royal Hospital Derby have documented all the alcohol gets into the body Commander Bond in the Christmas article " Were James Bond's drinks shaken Because of alcohol- induced tremor ? " published in the BMJ which we present their findings.

The study authors 14 James Bond books , of which they took notes detailing every alcoholic beverage is taking leyeros . They used standard units of alcohol to calculate alcohol Bond . It also assessed the days when Bond was unable to consume alcohol (eg , being a prisoner ) and all to determine whether 007 was a connoisseur of martini or suffered from chronic alcoholism.

After discarding the days when Bond could not drink their weekly alcohol consumption was 92 units per week , more than four times the recommended amount. Its maximum daily consumption was 49.8 units and only had 12.5 days without alcohol of 87.5 days when if he could drink.

At this level of alcohol consumption , realistically , the spy with a license to kill could not have been able to carry out their missions , much less the level of efficiency described in his books , being hailed as the best shooter of the secret service.

The level of alcohol consumption is related James Bond with a high risk of multiple diseases and early death.

The level of skill that comes in its missions is incompatible with the physical , mental and sexual performance can be expected from someone with a similar alcohol .

Tremor , is just one of the multiple problems that Bond has high risk . Repeated exposure to toxins such as alcohol can damage parts of the brain such as the cerebellum that controls movement , causing the tremor.

The authors , showing his great professionalism , advise an immediate 007 Addictive Behavior Unit for evaluation and treatment referral , as well as a reduction in alcohol consumption to safe levels.

To the authors ' famous ' shaken not stirred ' sentence could be caused by alcohol-induced tremor that affects the hands . "

The researchers add that it has been postulated that the habits were taken from Bond creator , Ian Lancaster Fleming, a secret agent who enjoyed smoking and drinking to excess and died relatively young, at 56, of a heart attack .

" Life expectancy would be similar to Bond ," According to researchers

Photography By United Artists ( Dr No theatrical trailer ) [Public domain] , via Wikimedia Commons