"El Hormiguero" Tuesday night beat its record of achieving an average audience of 3.8 million viewers and an audience share of 19.4%. The minute's Day Gold got at 22:41 hours when more than 6 million viewers followed his interview with Isabel Preysler.

Isabel Preysler, showed throughout the program its best side: "I learned when I separated from Julio (Iglesias), which I always took photos that showed Profile bad," said Isabel while promoting her line of beauty products.

It was the first time I go to a television set in the last 20 years and made it into the anthill to talk about her own cosmetics brand, called My Cream, and their life and their children.

Isabel said that every morning breakfast smoothie six vegetables and two fruits (broccoli, zucchini, green pepper, cucumber, kale, spinach, lime juice and green apple), likewise we revealed that takes nothing for white sugar no butter and lemon check everything you eat.

The funniest moment of the interview came as told how convinced her daughter to not get into a convent: "When I said I wanted to get a nun I toasted him my full support and I offered to find a convent; then she changed radically opinion and said: "Joé, how quickly want to get rid of me ... Well, I'm staying here for now."

Speaking of Miguel Boyer confessed: "Michael has been the most important story of love of my life."