The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN ) has conducted a review of the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of alternative therapies in the treatment of headache.

The effectiveness of homeopathy in no case has been demonstrated to be superior to placebo , products homeopathic , " has not demonstrated any efficacy. Neither in the treatment of headache or almost any ailment. The best we can say is that they are harmless , like drinking a glass of water , "said Jose Francisco Molina , neurologist and member of the research group of SEN headache .

" The behavioral medicine , relaxation therapies , biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy for stress are resources that have proven useful in both migraine and tension headache , and consequently, we should consider in our patients , especially if stress is a trigger "

If you look at herbal medicine, there are only two serious studies plants, Petasites hybridus obtained from the Pentasina and Tanacetum parthenium that parthenolide is obtained , the first has been taken in Germany by doubts as to his safety and the second has not yet proven effective.

Regarding dietary therapies , Dr. David Ezpeleta, coordinator Headache Study Group , says that " in some patients, certain foods and spices can trigger your migraine , but we think the relationship between migraine and food is overestimated , since studies can speak that this happens routinely around 10 % of patients . "

According to Dr. Molina , " The high-dose vitamin B2 and magnesium half doses may be effective, but as with herbal therapies , there is only favorable data in episodic migraine."

Finally, in reference to acupuncture has been observed that there is evidence for its efficacy but studies against .

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