Located in Monells (Girona), the implementation of the art facility is the result of a strategic research agreement between Ordesa Laboratories, a multinational specialized in infant feeding, and the IRTA (Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology). Its main value is the know-how provided by both organizations and their ability to promote new products with higher added value.

The plant is a multipurpose facility that allows to develop bases dairy foods and other products, whether vegetable milk, sports drinks or fruit juices. This will allow investigations of the IRTA test and Ordesa and other business projects that do not have the chance to test their processes to scale. The facility can work in batches with a maximum production of 500 kg., Representing a saving of 70% in production time and costs compared to a standard industrial plant.

The inauguration of the plant, which represents an investment of 2.3 billion euros, was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment, Josep M. Pelegri, Secretary of State for Research, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Felipe Pétriz, the president of Group Ordesa, Josep M. Ventura, and the general director of IRTA, Josep M. Monfort.

Josep M. Pelegrí stressed that "the project demonstrates the initiative and leadership of companies and research centers," which "add value to the productive undeniable." He added, "is a model of symbiosis between the private and public research to help develop new products and presentations, and ultimately to the creation of wealth in the country." For his part, Josep M. Ventura Ordesa defined as a benchmark company in the field of infant feeding on innovation one of its strategic goals. Ordesa President considered that the plant, "a pioneer in Europe," he will "not only advance their own processes, but also offer the expertise and services of the company to others."