During the inauguration of the new headquarters of the company in Zaragoza, the biotechnology group announced the start of medical trials in humans , raising the hopes of thousands of patients suffering from this disease, one of the most dreaded diseases .

Once successfully passed the testing phase in animals , it has begun to supply twenty-four people last January. This first phase will be developed in Barcelona , for trial is coordinated by the ACE Foundation and Dr. Merce Boada .

In this phase of the clinical trials primarily examine the tolerance of the product , that is, no toxicity and therefore their effectiveness .

In the next phase will be tested with different doses , depending on the results of the first phase , and different protocols will be developed , for example in healthy people as a preventative , as researchers are hopeful that Alzheimer 's disease can be prevented.

Fotografía: Honoré Daumier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons