Under the umbrella of the European Organization for Plant Science (EPSO - www.epsoweb.org), the Second Day of the Fascination of Plants will be held simultaneously in 54 countries, 28 European, five American and 11 African , 10 from Asia and Australia.

More than 618 institutions, from botanical gardens to plant research centers, will host 847 different events dedicated to the public and media, all related to plant science, agriculture, conservation of the environment, biodiversity , education and the arts. Both the general public and media are invited to attend press conferences, laboratories, greenhouses, gardens, museums and exhibitions taking place. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with scientists about the latest advances in applied research and plant biology.

About the EPSO

The European Plant Science Organization EPSO is an independent academic organization representing more than 223 research institutes, universities and departments in 30 countries. Together they account for more than 28,000 researchers, technical and support staff in this branch of science. Furthermore, EPSO has over 2,850 individual members. From January 1, 2012, the CSIC research professor, José Pío Beltrán Porter is part of the Management Board of EPSO.

EPSO's mission is to promote research of plants and their researchers, scientists represent their discussions on the future of the program priorities of plants across Europe, providing a source of independent information about plant science, and promote education of scientists to find new XXI century challenges in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, ecology, and other areas related to plant science.

EPSO promotes the celebration of International Day Two Fascination of Plants

Due to the success of the First International Fascination of Plants, which took place on May 18, 2012, and involving over 580 institutions in 39 countries, attracting thousands of people, EPSO promotes the celebration of the Second Day International Fascination of Plants on May 18, 2013.

The Second Day of the Fascination of Plants will be held in 54 countries around the world have already confirmed their participation. Complete information on this initiative can be found at www.plantday12.eu platform that is supported by a network of national coordinators who voluntarily help to promote and publicize the activities in each of the countries.

The Second International Day of the Fascination of Plants

Plants capture the sun's energy and convert it into sugars that are incorporated into biomass, used to feed humanity and animals. Due to the ability to make their own food, plants have been successfully colonize virtually every ecological niche on the planet, adapting to different environments and diversify. It is estimated that on Planet Earth about 250,000 plant species.


José Pío Beltrán, coordinator for Spain's Second Day Fascination of Plants, explains that "the objective pursued is to plant seeds that germinate in the collective mind of European citizens and Planet Earth, remind us that research plant is critical to society, the environment and the economy, both today and in the future ".