From now on, the labels must specify the source of fresh meat of pigs, sheep, goat and poultry. In fact, producers are obliged to indicate the origin of some products, like beef, honey, olive oil and fruits and vegetables, as well as in cases in which, if not specified, can induce to mislead the consumer.

Similarly, all foods but similar to other products made with different ingredients, the so-called imitation foods (like vegetable products like cheese), are more easily identifiable. When a common ingredient in a food has been replaced by another, must be indicated on the front of the pack in large print and off the mark.

European legislation will apply to all products that reach the end consumer, but most of them affecting the packaged food. Home-made foods and unpackaged excluded from regulation, unless the rules on the indication of allergens.

Also, according to the Law on Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition, which comes into effect today, prohibits the appearance of physicians and patients, whether real or fictitious, in food advertising as a means of inducing the consumer or the suggestion of a medical or scientific backing.

The objective of the legislation is to promote healthy eating habits among the population and to complement the Spanish system of coordination on food security.

The law aims to establish tools to help generate a high level of security of food and feed, and contributing to the prevention of risks to human health from consumption of food.

Likewise, it prohibits the promotion of food consumption in order to replace the system of common food and nutrition, especially in cases of maternity, infancy, childhood or old age, and the reference to its use in health centers or their distribution through retail pharmacies.

Even so, allows the use of collateral associations, corporations, foundations or institutions related to health and nutrition.

The new law also increases the capacity of the Strategy for nutrition, physical activity and prevention of obesity (NAOS), adopted in 2005 to reverse the upward trend in the prevalence of obesity.

To promote the development of policies and decisions will create the Centre of Nutrition and Obesity Study, which periodically review the nutritional status of the population and the development of obesity in Spain.